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Alba and Joe | California Engagement Session



When we first meet with our couples we ask them how they met and we write their stories in our blog. This time Joe’s way to describe how he met Alba was so cute that we decided to post word by word what he told us.

How Alba and Joe met on Joe’s words:

“Once upon a time in a far away land in downtown Phoenix…a young prince named Joe Hernandez used to sell cars at a dealership down the street where the young princess Alba Madrid used to work …on a warmest summer day hungry joe took his stallion VW gti to get some food…Joe walked into Alba’s work place that she felt imprisoned and obligated to serve ppl food for a living…Joe ordered a spicy chicken bowl and Alba catered to him…both made eye contact but both too busy to even start a conversation that wasn’t work related…months passed and Joe would stop here and there and order the same bowl and both carried on about their days then finally twas thee month of April that they ran into each other at a club in the town of Scottsdale..Alba celebrating her early birthday weekend with friends and Joe just an ordinary night out with his friend Levi…Alba recognized Joe…that night the other damsels were being stuck up that night..Alba built up the courage and ran into Joe…”hey! you’re  that guy that goes to my work and orders food from me!” O.o? “Oh yeahhhhhh?!” Joe replied.  Joe still trying to remember…Joe finally puts 2 and 2 together…the song “bring it back” by Travis porter came on and Joe asked Alba to a dance…after a 3 or 4 booty grinding songs Alba and joe exchanged numbers…the night ended..the next morning Joe texted Alba happy bday..Alba was so happy Joe remembered and Joe asked her on a first real date to the movies to watch a scary movie..their favorite….after the movie joe dropped Alba off and then asked for the first kiss..Joe leaned in and bingo…Cupid’s arrow struck their hearts…the end….but actually it was only the beginning of the best love story ever………………”

We are extremely honored to captured their wedding in November at  Chateau Luxe.


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