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Ariana and Jairo | Arizona Romantic Wedding



Ariana and Jairo saw each other for the first time nine years ago at North Canyon High School. Little did they know that their friendship would blossom into lasting love. At a small September wedding with their closest friends and family at Hillside Baptist Church in Phoenix, they promised to love each other for a lifetime.
Before saying “I do,” Ariana and Jairo enjoyed a first look  on a little hill a block from the church. We discovered the location a couple weeks before while scouting the area. The light was perfect. It was almost like we weren’t in Arizona anymore. It was such a special time for the bride and groom before their wedding!
Preceded by her nephew as the ring bearer, Ariana walked down the aisle on her mother’s arm as music floated through the air. Her mother presented her to Jairo at the altar, and the couple pledged their love in an eloquent unity cross ceremony.
This ceremony, centered on the symbolism of the unity cross, represents God’s design for marriage. The outer form of the cross shows the strength, leadership, and protection of the man. The interior of the cross, designed with intricate details, symbolizes the beautiful, multifaceted nature of the woman. The bride places her portion inside the protection of the groom’s cross, showing that two become one in marriage.
Ariana and Jairo completed the sculpture by placing three pegs in the cross. The pegs represent the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and symbolize God’s place in the marriage covenant and the security and completeness found only in Him. It was a beautiful representation of the marriage covenant, just like the cross will be in Ariana and Jairo’s home for years to come.
After the ceremony, the bride and groom were ready to celebrate. The accent colors of blush and rose gold complemented the groom’s navy blue suit. Wedding guests received candied almonds as favors, and the wedding cake was topped with figurines of Batman saving a beautiful girl. The evening was summed up as the bride and groom met on the dance floor to the strains of Ed Sheehan’s “Perfect.”

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