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Shaina and Chris | The Clayton on the Park Wedding



Where do we start with this wonderful and glamorous day? This couple is absolutely amazing together.  Shaina and Chris have been together for six years, and as a culmination of that wonderful time together, the focus of their wedding was a true  reflection on their love and memories.  Shaina even gave a very special gift to Chris before the ceremony, a photo book with memories from their lives together over the last six years.  It was full of emotion and the love it represented in Chris’ face as he viewed each page was amazing .

To help create new memories and look back on the day, they went above and beyond a traditional guest book.  Shaina and Chris had their guests step into a photo booth, take snap shots, and handwrite personalized messages to the new married couple.  So much fun!  As their photographers, we even had a chance to strike a pose and ad to the memory book.

Shaina and Chris made the choice not to see each other before the ceremony, but they were open to one of our favorite images; a “First Touch”.  Without looking at each other, they were able to share an intimate moment prior to their ceremony.  A moment in time to express their love and true connection, and more memories they’ll never forget.

Chris and Shaina’s Wedding at The Clayton on the Park was quite a POSH Event.  There choice of venue was very urban and modern, with blush and navy blue as their major colors. Shaina’s wedding dress was gorgeous, a modern and metropolitan design by Hailey Page. Her jewelry and accessories exquisite.  Chris’ wardrobe and details were totally on trend; very “Gentlemen’s Quarterly”. The true beauty of this event was a combination of the modern meeting the personal.  Their ceremony was quant and their vows lovely.  Their devotion and love for each other filled the room.

Shaina’s mother, a florist, handcrafted all the flowers for this amazing Wedding Day, and they were perfect. Shaina’s bridesmaids have known her since the 4th grade and you could really feel the special bond between them. To make the night even more special, Shaina and Chris choreographed and performed  their first dance together just to put a cap on the idea that this day was truly theirs, and they were happy to share it with the people closest to them.

As the last song of the night, Journey’s, “Don’t Stop Believing” played on, it was hard to stop the party and fun that had been going on throughout the entire day. But, the happy couple quickly jet-setted off to Hawaii for their Honeymoon to start a new chapter of memories, and to celebrate a lifetime of happiness to come.

We feel honored that this fabulous couple selected us to capture their amazing day.  We wish Shaina and Chris a lifetime of happiness together.



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VENUE | The Clayton on the Park

DRESS BOUTIQUE | Schaffer’s Bridal – Scottsdale, AZ


SUITS | Men’s Warehouse

CAKE | Piece of Cake

DJ | SKM Entertainment

WEDDING COORDINATOR | Some Like it Classic

HAIR AND MAKEUP | Kensington Hair & Makeup


PHOTO BOOTH | The Traveling Photo Booth

  1. Pride Kelledes says:

    Shaina, I am so happy for you! I know it has been a very long time since we’ve seen each other but I have always wanted nothing but the best for you! It looks like you are getting just that! Thank you, Chris for taking such good care of Shaina. Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness!

  2. Haynes says:

    You two are just so lovely and I know your lives will be blessed for years to come. Congratulations and cheers..
    Love Haynes and Raj

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