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Amanda and Cade | High School sweethearts Sedona Engagement Session



Amanda and Cade’s story begins in high school, where they were introduced to one another in their freshmen year by mutual friends. At this stage they didn’t spend much time together, not really knowing each other, preferring the company of other friends. But they were both involved in sports, Cade a football, baseball and basketball player, Amanda a cheerleader. But though they saw something in each other, at this stage there was no romance on the horizon.

While our happy couple spent little time together in the beginning, this all changed in their senior year, when they were both put together in the same 1st hour English class. It was only now that they started to talk, getting to know one another, spending time in each other’s company and developing an interest in each other. Nothing happened at this stage, beyond them becoming a little more familiar with each other.

Cade started becoming attracted to Amanda, leading to him asking her out, only to be spurned. Undeterred, he tried again, and was rejected again. But he didn’t give up. He had a feeling about this girl, a feeling that she may be the one. But Cade came with a certain reputation, a reputation that Amanda didn’t like. She was adamant in rejecting his advances. But he was just as stubborn, if not more so, in pursuing her. And so, the pattern continued, with Cade repeatedly asking Amanda out, and Amanda rejecting him every time.

And then, at some point, the scales tipped in Cade’s favor. His persistence won Amanda over. She eventually said ‘yes’ to him, allowing him to take her out, not knowing where it would lead, trusting her gut over his reputation, nervous about what the results would be. So, they went out, had a nice time and decided to do it again… and again… and again, till, as if all of a sudden, they were a couple, and seriously into one another.

Amanda and Cade didn’t rush things. They continued seeing each other steadily over the next eight years. They made a big commitment to one another when they bought two dachshund dogs together, named Callie and Cooper, the four of them becoming a kind of family.

With eight years of solid dating behind them, and their present lives happy, Cade decided to pop the question. Amanda said yes and these two will be getting married on September 29th this year and we will be there to capture  their love.

  1. Jon & Keith says:

    Beautiful pictures, loveable personal journey! Thanks for sharing with uncles. Love you both, JK

  2. Michelle Garcia says:

    Beautiful couple love the pictures they show the love they have for one each other may god bless them both with lots of love and happiness!!

  3. Emily Gutierrez says:

    These are absolutely beautiful. Congratulations to you both

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