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Summer Wedding in Mesa, AZ | Kim and Mark




Kim + Mark went to middle school and high school together but weren’t really friends back then. They were both members of their high school marching and concert bands and Kim jokingly described Mark as a little weird. Mark messaged Kim on Facebook to wish her happy birthday on September 7, 2016. Kim remembers seeing the message and even commenting to her mom “Oh, Mark Bodinet messaged me to wish me happy birthday,” but she didn’t respond for 103 days. She said she had no idea why she didn’t write back right away!

December 19, 2016 she finally wrote him back. That started a Sundaytradition of talking during NFL games. That morphed into ThursdayNight Football, Sunday Football, and Monday Night Football.  By February 2017, they were talking every day; morning, noon, and night.

In July 2017, Kim invited herself out to see Mark in Maple Valley, WA. After this “much-too-short” of a trip, Mark came out to Arizona the next weekend and, as the saying goes, the rest is history!

Mark planned to propose to Kim on October 24, 2017. He custom designed Kim’s engagement ring. It was his forever promise to his sunshine, the love of his life, the women of his dreams, his future Wife, his best friend and most amazing women he could ever have the honor to love and cherish. Kim knew the ring was being designed to be as unique as her.  The ring was forged by blending Kim’s Grandfather’s heirloom diamonds along with Mark’s Great-Grandmother’s vintage engagement ring. Mark told Kim it would take time for the ring to be perfected to sit on her finger properly. Lucky for them the jeweler made this treasured piece perfectly, in record time, and had it completed in just under a weeks.

Everything was ready and Mark could not wait. He knew he was going to ask Kim to marry him as soon as he could. On the night he proposed, he started to play a few songs and reminiscing about their first kiss in her living room only a few months prior.

“I’m Yours” from Jason Mraz and “Kiss the Girl” from The Little Mermaid were songs both of them liked, and he knew it would be the perfect set up to “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.”  The stage was set and the time was right and as the song filled the room with sounds they both could feel in their hearts, while standing in the same place he had nervously thrown caution to the wind to kiss her a few months before, Mark went down to one knee, proclaimed his undying love and devotion to Kim and asked for her hand in marriage!

She said YES!

Their wedding at Aldea Weedings at The landmark in Mesa was full of details and personal touches. Mark is a Chef who has catered for many weddings before. He knew he wanted to be involved in the catering at his own wedding. He designed the menu down to the last herb and spice. We were so impressed with all the food, it was amazing!

Kim and Mark wanted their wedding to be a big celebration with food that their guest will truly enjoy. In fact, they referred to their wedding as a “Dinner Party”. They wanted a big family dinner with 150 of their most beloved family and friends and it truly was. Everywhere you looked, you could see guests having a wonderful time, from enjoying a delicious grill Salmon and roasted pig to having a cartoonist draw their caricature.

It was truly one glorious  Celebration of love!!

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VENUE | The Landmark


BRIDE | Brilliant Bridal


GROOM | Men’s Wearhouse

FLOWERS | Andy Castano Design

DJ | Rock around the Clock

CATERING | Mark Bodinet

MAKEUP | Cindy Simpson

CARICATURIST | Sketch My Wedding

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