Saguaro Lake Engagement Session | Kim and Pedro - Ivonne and Travis Photography

Saguaro Lake Engagement Session | Kim and Pedro



Kim and Pedro were introduced by their mutual friend Stephanie at a pharmacy school event during Kim’s first year of pharmacy school. Stephanie introduced Pedro to Kim by exclaiming that he liked electronic music, which was something they both had in common, but Kim didn’t think much of it at first as their meeting was very brief. Kim kept running into Pedro throughout the year at pharmacy school events including a pharmacy conference in Sacramento where they hit it off. Kim really liked Pedro and how much they had in common but Pedro wasn’t ready for a serious relationship at the time so they dated casually for several months until Pedro was ready to ask Kim to be his girlfriend. They have been happily together for 4 and 1/2 years ever since and have shared so many adventures together including music festivals, traveling, hiking and backpacking.

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