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Wedding Vendor Spotlight | Uptown Bridal



We often get ask by our couples for referrals to other Wedding Vendors, so we decided to highlight some of our favorite vendors in a Blog Series. Throughout the next few months we are going to showcase wedding vendors that we love and feel so honored to work with.

Today we decided to feature our “Friendors” at Uptown Bridal. We had the pleasure of visiting their amazing bridal boutique a couple of weeks ago and, oh my goodness, were we impressed!! Their boutique is just beautiful and the experience they offer is unlike any other in Phoenix!

Identical twins Nicole and Tonia are the owners of this amazing little bridal treasure. Both sisters got married in 2005. After shopping for their own wedding dresses, they decided to team up with their dream-chasing Mom to create an upscale, charming, affordable, and customer-service focused bridal boutique. They opened their doors to Phoenix Metro area brides-to-be in 2007.  They dreamed of providing the most amazing Bridal Gown experience in the industry.  Their commitment to never losing sight of their dreams led them to opening the cutest little Bridal Gown Boutique that transports their Brides and their Families straight into their own Fairytale.

Follow along with us as we spend a few moments talking with Nicole about her and her sister’s inspirations and drive to provide the ultimate Bridal Gown experience.

Ivonne and Travis:  “What is your story?”

Nicole:  “Uptown Bridal began as a beautiful, little dream envisioned by my identical twin sister and I when we both found ourselves blissfully engaged in the same year.  With our new rings on our hands, we excitedly flipped through wedding magazines (sadly there was no such thing as Pinterest, Instagram or screenshots back then) to find inspiration for our dream dresses.  We anticipated the day we entered into a bridal boutique hand-in-hand finding ourselves in a beautiful space; like a scene from a movie to twirling in our ivory gowns.  The great news… We found two amazing and unique gowns for our two amazing and unique weddings.   The bad news… we never found that perfect, fairy-tale bridal boutique.  Enter the hero of our story… Our mother!   Together, the three of us decided that we could create the most unforgettable gown shopping experience.  So two elementary school teachers and their fearless leader set out to make the reality of shopping for a dream dress even better than a bride’s dream.”

Ivonne and Travis: “How did you guys get started?”

Nicole: “We started by listening, learning and making lists!  Our very first jobs were with the Walt Disney Cooperation so we know a little bit about dreaming big and making the ordinary magical.  Lots and lots of lists filled with crazy, never-done-before ideas of what brides want and unexpected; all fresh concepts brides would love.  We opened Uptown Bridal  in Chandler in the Spring of 2007 and it was beautiful!  For a decade, we had the pleasure of hosting thousands of brides in our busy and bustling little boutique.  In January of 2017, we opened Arizona’s first and only entirely private and personalized gown shopping experience… and we are loving every second and every bride!”

Ivonne and Travis: “What are the steps to purchase a dress from your Bridal Boutique”

Nicole: “Our appointments, affectionately called Celebration Consultations, can be reserved by phone.  After the perfect date and time have been selected, we get busy planning the perfect shopping day down to the cutest (and most delicious) details.  Each Celebration includes food and beverage, florals, and three entirely private hours… along with dozens beautiful other little surprises!”

Ivonne and Travis: “What are your tips to having a stress-free wedding?”

Nicole: “We feel that stress-free weddings start with aligning yourself with a team of experts that make planning fun, enjoyable and exactly what you envision.  Yes, there will be tough choices, budget revisions, and several different seating arrangements before you get it “right”, but there should be days of carefree celebrations and lots of cupcakes… that’s where Uptown comes in!”

Ivonne and Travis: “Who is your ideal client?”

Nicole: “The Uptown Bride is a bride that values relationships and gathers experiences.  She is happy.  She is optimistic.  She celebrates love.  She knows who she is… even if she has no idea what kind of gown she’ll select or how to survive a day without her Dutch Bros!”

Ivonne and Travis: “What would you want to share with prospective future brides?”

We want to share your love story with you.  We want to be the mention on page (blah blah) between the Chapters titled “Will you…” and “I do”.  We want to provide a day so special that you’ll want to write all the details down so you’ll never forget the way you felt finding your gown or the look on your loved one’s faces when you said you could picture walking down the aisle in “this one”!

Ivonne and Travis: “Do you have a favorite dress designer?”

Nicole: “We adore every Uptown designer.  They all bring a different style into our boutique.  The gowns are as diverse as our brides and together our collection is unforgettable, unique and totally Uptown!”

We really want to thank Nicole for inviting us to Uptown Bridal and spending an afternoon with us.  We hope that this post helps you with part of your Wedding Planning.  Make sure to check out future posts from us as we highlight more members of the Ivonne and Travis Photography Wedding Day “DREAM TEAM”!

You can find them at or on Instagram at @uptownbridal


  1. Thank you so dearly for your support, time & talent. We adore every time we get to work alongside such amazingly talented & kind people!

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