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Wedding Vendor Spotlight | The Farmer’s Daughter Catering



Today we are featuring our “Friendor” Betsy Carey from The Farmer’s Daughter. We had the pleasure of visiting Betsy’s new kitchen last month and we had a great conversation with her about her food and what inspires her and also she prepared some great dishes for us that were just yummy.

Ivonne and Travis: What is your story? 

When asked what I’m passionate about, feeding people always seemed like a strange answer.  For years I have thought about what I would do if I just did what made my heart happy.  It’s always been this.  I would cook.  

Ivonne and Travis: How did you get started? I literally started my business by going door to door in office complexes with freshly made salads, sandwiches and heat and eat meal options. From there it quickly grew to corporate lunch catering and requests to cater private functions and weddings. I don’t go door to door anymore, but I’m forever grateful to those who helped give me my start by allowing me in to share my love of good food.

Ivonne and Travis: What are the steps to hire you for catering services?

I prefer a personal touch, so give me a call. I want to have a conversation with you, not just an auto response to an online inqu

iry. I want hear about your vision for your wedding day and answer questions in real time. A voice to voice interaction is so much better for making a connection and learning what’s most important to you for your wedding day menu.

Ivonne and Travis: What are your favorite dishes you will recommend to couples for their wedding?

Food is such a personal thing. We have a wide variety of popular dishes and we often create custom menus as well. I try not to make recommendations right away. I don’t want to influence your decision before learning about your personal tastes and food preferences, but I’ll admit to having a couple favorites. I love the Dry Ru

bbed Grilled Tri Tip with roasted corn and tomato salsa. The Lemon Buerre Blanc Chicken with capers, sundried tomatoes and pancetta is one of my husband’s personal favorites and one that he always requests I make extra of to bring home. He told me that it was when he first ate my Mac N’ Cheese when we were dating, that he knew he was going to propose.

Ivonne and Travis: What would you want to share with prospective future brides?

Wedding planning can be fun but it also has it’s stressful points. Lean on your professionals for their experience and advice. This is most likely all brand new to you, but we’ve been through it many times and can help alleviate many of your worries. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Chances are we’ve experienced your situation before and if we haven’t we usually have the resources to help you find a solution. Your engagement is such a preciou

s time and goes by so fast. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

 Ivonne and Travis: Do you have anything else you would like couples to know about you and your food?

I enjoy planning menus, writing recipes and thinking about the occasion and the people I’m preparing the meal for and imagining their enjoyment.  I love incorporating new flavors I’ve tried in my travels or taking inspiration from my favorite restaurants. My food and my menu are a nod to my Midwest roots and my love of great food and travel.  It reflects my attitude and commitment to providing real honest food with a creative variety of entree options. I am your Farmer’s Daughter.

We want to thank Betsy for letting

us visit her kitchen. It is always our hope that this post helps you with part of your Wedding Planning.  Make sure to check our past Vendor Spotlight about Uptown Bridal here.

You can find Betsy at or on Instagram at @thefarmersdaughtercatering

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